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About Us

De Pasquale Marbles located in San Michele Salentino in Brindisi is a company founded in 1972 and for over 43 years puts all his experience, knowledge and passion in the processing of marble and granite, as well as composite quartz and commerce of stones. De Pasquale Marbles is also expert in funerary art, specializing in the production of tombstones and sacred objects.

Our Mission

The continuous technological evolution, preserving the values and traditions of history, through the use of numerical control machines with the experience of the artisans can offer a wide range of manifacturing processes for every need, using materials from every parts of the world.

Why You Should Choose Us

Our achievements are known and appreciated for the elegance of the floors open book, the realization of washbasins, shower trays, fireplaces and custom furnishings, as well as various external coverings, all made with only the finest marbles, travertine, stone and composites that are guaranteed in the time